Our philosophy

When people ask me what is Kojan’s job, then I answer that our job is to create breathing spaces in the middle of nature with a minimum of impact on environment. These spaces that we are going to create together, we would like to share them as much as possible. We would also like to offer you time. Time to take care of yourself and your loved ones, time to share simple things in the middle of nature, but, above all, time to slow down. 

Nature has so much to offer. 

I have the word EKOTURISMFRABRIK to define us. In Swedish, I think this word is a good definition of what Sweden is. This world could definitely be born in Sweden.

Kojan’s philosophy is also to favor quality, service, and the human relashionship with our customers, rather than the search for the lowest prices involving a drop in quality for quantity, with manufacturors at the other end of earth. 

Nothing is 100% ecological (the most ecological would be not to make it) but we attach a great importance to the way they are made, and choose manufacturing and materials that respect the environment. 

See you soon 


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